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Healthy Living Pharmacy Services –(view)

Singlewell Pharmacy have been awarded the Healthy Living Pharmacy quality mark by NHS Kent so everyone who visits can recognise that they are in a place where the health and well-being of their local community is at the heart of everything our team do.

For more information about each service visit your local pharmacy and speak to a member of the team, or give them a call. Stop Smoking Emergency Contraception Weight Management Medicines MOT (Medicine Use Reviews) Minor Ailments Services Rethink Your Drink

Alcohol Screening (view)

This service offers screening and one to one support for patients seeking help towards alcohol abuse. It lets you see what your alcohol patterns are and see if it is harming your health. The pharmacist can then talk to you and offer advice on life style changes if they are needed. A charge may apply.

Blood Pressure Checks (view)

This service offers a blood pressure check to patients of any age to see what their blood pressure reading is. The staff can then offer advice if it is needed and also arrange for you to have another check done if the reading was a little bit high. A charge may apply.

C-Card scheme (view)

This scheme allows young people to have easy and quick access to condoms. The scheme also offers an easy and confidential environment to seek advice and information about sexual health topics and relationships. The scheme is free for the people under certain age. One does not have to be sexually active in order to use the scheme.

Care Home Service

This service offers both medication advice and cost-efficiency advice to patients and staff within a care home. A member of staff will come out and visit the care home and its residents to see how medication is used and given and how it is stored, the staff member can then suggest different ways to help make things more efficient if needed.

Cholesterol Checks (view)

This service involves taking a small finger prick of blood and testing a patient’s cholesterol level. The results are available within a few minutes. The pharmacist can then offer advice if it is needed on how to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce the reading if it is high. A charge may apply.

Diabetes Check (view)

This service involves taking a small finger prick of blood and checking a patients sugar levels. The results are available in a few minutes. The pharmacist can also then offer advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce your blood sugar levels if needed. A charge may apply.

Electronic prescription services (view)

This service requires patient to fill in a nomination form and handing it to their surgery or sending it to their pharmacy via online or post. Doctors send online prescription to the pharmacy. Once received, prescription get dispensed and delivered by the pharmacy. This service allows reducing a lot of paper work.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (view)

This service offers women the morning after pill. A patient can go and talk to a pharmacist and be given the tablet if they are able to take it. The pharmacist can also offer advice if needed. This service is confidential. A charge can sometimes apply.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (Purchase) (view)

This service offers women to purchase the morning after pill from a pharmacy. The pill should be taken within 3 days (72 hours) of having unprotected sex.

Home Delivery Service

Singlewell-Pharmacy-Delivery2This pharmacy offers patients a home delivery of their medications. This means that the patient does not need to leave their home to collect their medicine which helps them keep their independence for longer.

Medicine Use Review (MUR) (view)

This is a service that offers patients on regular medication a chance to sit with their pharmacist and talk through their medication and concerns. Patient should be on their medication for three months before this service can be offered. The pharmacist will talk through your medication and offer advice on how to take it properly, any side effects you are having and reassure you if you have any worries.

Minor Ailment Service (view)

This service offers free medication for selected conditions and products, if the patient is eligible. From a common cold to a temperature you don’t always need to go to the doctors so these pharmacies offer free advice and products to help with the symptoms you or your children may have.

NHS Health Check (healthy heart)

This service offers patients a chance to determine how healthy their heart is. This service may include blood pressure and cholesterol testing. The staff that look after you during this healthy heart check are fully qualified to do so and can offer help and advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle and give advice on the results. A charge may apply.

Repeat Prescription Service (view)

This service allows patients to order their medication either Online here by ringing in the pharmacy or by placing their medication order themselves with their GP. This service further allows the patient to choose if they want their medication to be delivered to their home or they can come and collect it from their pharmacy. The usual time period of the completion for the order is 3-5 days.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination (view)

This service offers the eligible patient the winter flu-jab. This pharmacy will have been approved to stock and give the flu injection to patients who qualify for it. Your pharmacist can also give you advice on how to look after yourself during the colder months of the year.

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